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E-Commerce for Business-to-Business: Un-Tapped Gold Mine?

Can B2B Companies Truly Bolster Sales Using E-Commerce? Many business-to-business companies have found the Internet to be a terrific sales tool when it comes to making a great first impression, providing information, and nurturing prospects. The smart ones have also figured out that adding e-commerce to the mix, can bring in millions of dollars in […]

For Manufacturers: Google AdWords Launches Affiliate Location Extensions

This month Google AdWords announced via Google+ that they are rolling out affiliate location extensions in the U.S.A. Affiliate location extensions will allow manufacturers to encourage and curate offline marketing efforts by using Google searches in a new way!

Exporting & International Inbound Marketing

More than 95% of the world’s companies and industries operate outside of the United States.* Exporting provides the basis and the impetus for your company to reach the exciting and lucrative global market! As you pursue and widen your exporting initiatives, you will acquire a wider client market. These new clients will grow your bottom […]

Top Five Benefits of Global E-Commerce

Global e-commerce has become a necessity for today’s business-to-business companies. The benefits are plentiful and provide large opportunities for growth – even for SMEs. Here are five of the top benefits of adding a global e-commerce platform to your B2B website:

Current Landscape for USA Exporters

by Net Site Marketing™ Over the past year, the US dollar has continued to strengthen, and global online sales have increased both in popularity and commonality. With many consumers and businesses unable to gain access to needed goods that are not widely available in brick & mortar stores in the US or abroad, the need for […]

Happy Fathers Day – Fathers of Manufacturing

This Father’s Day, we are revisiting the question that we asked on Linkedin about a year ago: Who is the real “Father of Manufacturing”? The question received quite a bit of attention, and led us to create the original Fathers of Manufacturing blog post in 2013. Long after Father’s Day, we continued to receive additional […]

Happy Manufacturing Day!

October 4, 2013 is Manufacturing Day! This Friday marks the second annual Manufacturing Day event. All across America manufacturers are opening their doors to members of their community to help dispel misconceptions about what manufacturing is and is not. Manufacturing Day (MFG Day) is a coordinated effort to help address skilled labor shortages by enabling […]

Happy Fathers Day Fathers of Manufacturing

With Father’s Day around the corner, we decided to do a little research to see if there is one father who is credited as “The Father of Manufacturing.” There is not; however, there is a long lineage composed of several fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers, each contributing to its growth and development. So, in honor of […]

2013 Primed for Industrial Expansion and Revenue Growth

How Smart Business are Taking Advantage! GlobalSpec recently released the results of its 2013 Economic Outlook Survey. They compiled the results into an HIS GlobalSpec Research Report. The report is entitled “Economic Outlook Survey 2013: State of the Industrial Marketplace” and contains some good news for manufacturers and industrial companies. Nearly half of all industrial […]