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Happy Manufacturing Day!

October 4, 2013 is Manufacturing Day! This Friday marks the second annual Manufacturing Day event.

All across America manufacturers are opening their doors to members of their community to help dispel misconceptions about what manufacturing is and is not.

Manufacturing Day (MFG Day) is a coordinated effort to help address skilled labor shortages by enabling manufactures to amplify their voices and take control of their public image.

“Manufacturing Day is a great opportunity to shift Americans’ perception that it is not our grandfather’s manufacturing anymore and to showcase the tremendous career opportunities manufacturing has to offer,” said Jay Timmons, National Association of Manufacturing president and CEO. “This day is an engaging way to attract young people and get them excited about pursuing a career in a technology-driven, innovative environment that will also provide a good-paying job. We encourage all manufacturers and manufacturing associations to get involved and share what we already know—manufacturing makes us strong.” ~ Manufacturing Day 2013 Press Release

As of September 27, 2013 – one week out from the big day – over 730 manufacturers across the United States had events planned in celebration of Manufacturing Day, many offering facility tours.

In Net Site Marketing’s home state of North Carolina, 20 manufacturers have special events planned in honor of MFG Day. A complete list of events planned by state and zip code is available here.

In addition to manufacturers, many educational institutions, such as NC State University, will be hosting and giving departmental tours to encourage the rising workforce to pursue a career in manufacturing.

In its first year, Manufacturing Day drew more than 7,000 participants to 240 events in 37 states, and round two in 2013 promises to be even bigger!

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