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Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising provides the benefits of buying positions-on-demand.

With pay per click advertising, search engine positions can be bid-on in an auction-like setting. If you want to be #1 for a certain keyphrase, we can bid on that particular keyphrase on your behalf, and use our skills and experience at raising quality scores, so that you will be. The art to this science is making a pay per click (PPC) advertising campaign return a positive return on investment. This is what we do.

We Provide These Pay Per Click Advertising Services:

  • Pay Per Click Campaign Creation
  • Pay Per Click Campaign Management
  • Pay Per Click Campaign Optimization

We will invest the time, energy, & technical expertise to:

  1. Find the keywords/key phrases that will find success for your business.
  2. Bid wisely on those keywords and phrases.
  3. Create/test PPC ads that will lower your costs and inspire click-throughs.
  4. Manage and optimize campaigns/ad groups to bring the highest possible ROIs.
  5. Optimize landing pages for high click-through rates & conversion rates.
  6. Track and manage PPC campaigns to return a positive ROI.

PPC Advertising

PPC advertising is a very productive way to supplement your search engine marketing campaigns. We are experts at PPC ad placement and paid search management.

Yes, with pay per click advertising you pay for every click-through (every time someone clicks on a pay-per-click link to view your website). But for a large majority of the time, it’s worth it! Sometimes we begin a pay per click advertising campaign at the beginning of an SEO/SEM Campaign because our client wants instant traffic. Sometimes we do so for some eye-opening test marketing of keywords and ad copy. Sometimes we do so because we’ve determined that for this particular client, research and testing in the PPC venues will pay off big time for the SEO/SEM Campaign.

Many companies – even those ranking in the top three natural positions in the top search engines for their main keywords – also want to grab the additional traffic that a pay per click marketing campaign produces.

Google Advertising ProfessionalMicrosoft Ads Partner

Rely upon Net Site Marketing™ to provide you with a positive ROI for your pay per click marketing dollars.

PPC Management

A PPC advertising campaign mustn’t be allowed to just sit and falter. Competitors are constantly driving themselves to overtake your positions and your click-through rates. An unmanaged PPC advertising campaign can actually end up wasting your money, rather than making you money. Your pay per click advertising campaign(s), must have hands-on management every month, in order for them to reach and maintain their highest potential. This is why we stay on top of the latest PPC industry developments and provide outstanding PPC management services.

Our PPC Management Services Include:

  • Advanced PPC campaign optimization.
  • Continuous keyword research and testing.
  • Expert campaign and ad group architecture.
  • Proficient bid management.
  • Creative ad creation/testing.
  • Proficient landing page optimization.
  • Comprehensive reporting that’s easy to understand.

Net Site Marketing™ has been creating and managing highly successful pay per click marketing campaigns since 2001 and we are fully certified in the top PPC search engines. We are certified Google Ads Partners and Microsoft Advertising Partners. Let us show you how we can continually fine-tune your PPC campaigns – keeping them on the cutting-edge in the PPC venues. We will bring you the highest possible returns on your pay-per-click investments.

Contact us today and let us raise your site’s net profits!