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Website Globalization:Establish a Global Internet Presence!

Q: Why is website globalization / website localization important?

A: Companies who export are 17% more profitable than companies who don’t.

Is this your scenario?:

  • You want to expand your business into foreign markets,
  • But your website isn’t written in your future customer’s language.
  • Thus – it may as well not even exist for him or her!
  • And you have no idea if it’s appearing in foreign search engine results.

FACT: Only 20% of all Internet users are native English speakers.

How we can help YOU:

  • We can translate your website into virtually any language.
  • We can localize your website to the target country you are pursuing – even to the region or city.
  • We can host your translated/localized website in your target country.
  • We can promote the website so that it’s easy to find in the popular search engines in your target country.

If you need a new website (or a multitude of localized websites) we can do that for you too! With careful planning of designs, workflows, templates and editing management, your new websites can support multilanguage and multicultural requirements, so that site visitors can enjoy a personalized experience (for the highest-possible conversion rates).

Website Translation Services

When it comes to reaching and influencing people and companies, professionally translated websites are essential to success. Please read more at our Translation Services webpage here: Website Translations

Website Localization Services:

We will take steps to insure that your website:

  • Is translated in a style that fits the local idioms and semantics of the foreign locales that you pursue;
  • Is fitting for your target audience and its cultural idiosyncrasies;
  • Adheres to the commercial requirements of each locale; and
  • Provides localized information about measurements, currency, payment modes, shipping, taxes and/or duties.

Overseas Website Hosting:

We can host your foreign-targeted website in the country of your choice, with an internationalized domain name and the appropriate country code (Top Level Domain).

eCommerce Development:

Electronic Commerce (eCommerce for short) is selling products or services on the Internet.

  • We can develop a target-market-friendly ecommerce website that will make it easy for your foreign audience to understand and delight in your products, and purchase your products online. The ecommerce platform can be integrated with your shipping systems, inventory systems, CRM systems, etc., for a smooth and comprehensive process.
  • We can use backend technologies such as global design templates, geolocation (identifying users by the location of their internet access points) and language negotiation.

Mobile-Friendly Optimization:

Businesses and consumers in a number of foreign markets are just as mobile-active as Americans are! Don’t miss out – let us insure that your website is mobile-friendly. If it isn’t, we can make it so.

Search Engine Marketing:

We can perform Search Engine Optimization in the specific country(ies) that you target.  You want your website(s) to rank as high as possible on those foreign search engines where your target audience can find you. Visibility in the search engines is a crucial element to your success.

Pay Per Click Advertising:

We can create foreign-language pay per click campaigns that target the audience you seek.

Social Media Marketing:

Your globalized website may need a social media global strategy in order to grow your company’s popularity (and thus your website’s popularity) at Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. We can even promote your foreign-friendly website in the networks where your audience “lives” within a country, such as: YouKu & Weibo (China), Hyves (Netherlands), and vKontakte (Russia).

If you have a globalized web presence, you have a global marketing platform.

Let us internationalize your website for you!

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