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Website Promotion

Website promotion makes use of any or all of the many marketing techniques that the internet offers:

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Search Engine Placement

Search engine placement is another word for search engine marketing. Some people who know just a small amount about search engine marketing, think that websites can be ‘placed’ in certain positions on a search engine’s results pages. This is indeed often the case with pay per click advertising. However, with natural search engine optimization (a/k/a organic search engine optimization), websites cannot be “placed”.

We will of course do our absolute utmost to get your website climbing upwards in the search positions. However, we cannot (and neither can anyone else) force the search engines to “place” your website into the #1 position.

We will do our best, and if we hit a brick wall as far as getting your website into the #1 position, then we will look into placing it in that location with the use of pay per click advertising and/or sponsored listings.

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