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Your Marketing Won’t Work if You Don’t WIIFM

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are two acronyms heavily used in the B2B Internet marketing industry. But without a doubt, the most important acronym of any business-to-business marketing strategy is WIIFM.

WIIFM = What’s In It For Me?

Answering the WIIFM question means telling buyers what’s in it for them if they do business with you (rather than focusing on your company). Even the most well-optimized websites won’t result in sales if they aren’t showing buyers that they have buyers’ best interests in mind.

Why should I choose your product from you (your company) over the hundreds of other competing companies offering similarly priced products made out of the same or similar materials? What’s in it for me?

While highlighting your company expertise, having natural keyword-rich content, and providing technical product details are important for rankings and generating leads, your website also needs to show visitors what they get by selecting you as their supplier.

What business needs do your products address? How will your services make buyers’ work-lives easier?

If your current “About Us” webpage states: We have been producing high-quality 100% solid wood products at our antique pine lumber mill since 1984.

Try also adding a bit of WIIFM: Our log furniture is fully functional, built to withstand the elements, adds natural beauty and visual warmth to any space, and is environmentally friendly.

If you find you have a high number of visitors to your website but a low number of conversions, it may be worth taking a moment to look at your product descriptions and apply the WIFIM test. Are you just listing statistical specifications for your products, or are you also incorporating vocabulary that helps the buyer understand how using your product will benefit them? If you aren’t doing the latter and your competition is, you may be losing out on sales.

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