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Global eCommerce

Businesses-to-business companies that are not engaged in global eCommerce are missing an enormous opportunity. Now that 83% of the population of developed countries are Internet users, the medium has become ubiquitous.

Growing B2B companies desire to reach new buyers around the globe, and global eCommerce is one of the most sought-after solutions (after website translation). Global eCommerce can help reduce the need for making up-front capital investments in foreign markets – making exporting a relatively low-risk option that businesses should seriously consider now more than ever.

Today’s technology allows businesses with an international eCommerce framework to sell their products to buyers in overseas markets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With the right mix of global inbound marketing and global eCommerce, the doors to massive foreign markets will swing wide open!

Global eCommerce Solutions

Businesses seeking to export, may need to partner with international supply chain providers and courier service providers. Global couriers such as DHL, FedEx and UPS help get products from the warehouse to overseas buyers. They make the logistics of international expansion easy, paving the way for businesses to increase market share and profits.

In addition, there are many government agencies that offer free assistance to companies that want to learn about exporting, or that want help expanding into challenging foreign markets.

To be successful with international e-Commerce, businesses must translate and localize their products, services and marketing materials. We can help with these activities, plus we can develop a custom market strategy for each target country.

In general, here are the two most common types of eCommerce websites:

  1. One enormous eCommerce website that fits all targeted countries and languages.
  2. Individual ecommerce websites – each custom-tailored towards its host country.

It is important that the entire shopping experience, from the website language, to the taxes calculated during the checkout process, be specific to each individual country and should be familiar to the native buyer.

Net Site Marketing offers complete global eCommerce solutions for businesses looking to take advantage of growing overseas markets.

Additional services include: translation, localization and inbound marketing. We optimize websites for international e-commerce and provide a superior shopping experience to B2B buyers. We also create custom search marketing strategies specific to targeted countries. We provide global-yet-localized visibility to websites, making their presence known in a major way!

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