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Production Management +
The Benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising

When people talk about Production Management, manufacturing flow charts start to pop into everyone’s heads.

Resources In → Products Out

This view does not fully account for the other variables and feedback created within any Production Cycle. One has to take into account demand variables when sales orders increase or decrease.

When demand changes, production has to be modified to match the demand. This is a big part of production management.


Let’s say a factory’s regular client always orders 20% of the capacity. That client goes out of business, and all those orders immediately cease!  This will instantly affect production and often throws the production cycle into complete chaos as production can require weeks to adjust to radical unexpected swings in sales.

Solution: Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising works like a water faucet.  When sales slow, turn the PPC knob higher. When a huge order comes in unexpectedly, turn off the PPC faucet for a while so that Production Management can focus on the one huge order without having to also manage numbers of other new orders.

Pay Per Click Campaigns are turned on and off instantaneously!  This is the only type of advertising or marketing in the world that can be controlled so very succinctly. Budgets are well-controlled also – kept in-line to a firm dollar amount spent per day.

When a manufacturer has a Pay Per Click Campaign at its disposal, it no longer has to create and store a month’s worth of production buffer that can cause every order to have to wait.  No more orders stacking up and falling behind. No more cancelled orders when lead times to fulfillment become too long.

A well-tuned Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign is a Godsend for manufacturers. This sales stream can be quickly and easily adjusted with a quick email or phone call to us.  This tactic can help meet the required sales targets on a weekly basis if needed.  It can also help compensate for other marketing tactics that fall short.

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Consider the example from above where a huge 20% of sales evaporate.  Management immediately ramps up the Pay Per Click Campaign to capture a larger stream of new orders.  Sales can be scaled immediately to start to recover the missing orders.

The marketing funds are easy to estimate and will be invested to capture the missing sales.  This is almost always less expensive than trying to adjust the production operations, as changes to the production stream can take weeks to implement and have unforeseen affects on a wide range of issues.

Pay Per Click Advertising is a handy tool that allows Production Managers to adjust to shorter or longer production cycles.  Instead of keeping 6 weeks of sales in a funnel outside of the production floor, and losing any number of orders that could not wait, the production cycle can be reduced using the adjustable Pay Per Click Campaign as a shock absorber for the sales and production cycle.

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