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There’s No Good Reason for No SEO

Interested in SEO but concerned you can’t afford it? Still have questions about whether SEO is truly worth the money and whether you will actually see results? Our Internet marketing experts work with businesses to address these concerns when they come up. Read below to see our answers to some of the most common concerns we receive, and see why there truly is no good reason your sales should continue to suffer from “LACK-OF-SEO.”

1.   Search Engine Optimization is too expensive.”

SEO shouldn’t be thought of as a cost of doing business; it is an investment in present and future business. For most businesses, the price of hiring our experts to help raise your search engine listings higher, generate more targeted traffic, and increase leads, is far less costly than the sales revenue currently being lost by not investing in these services.

2.  “We know SEO’s important – we just don’t have the money right now.”

We understand. Times are tough and many businesses are cutting back, tightening their belts and pinching pennies. Your marketing budget is tight and you don’t have room for any extras.

That’s why now is the perfect time to reevaluate whether the resources you are currently investing in are providing you with a maximum exposure to your target market for the lowest possible cost. Are your current marketing methods achieving measurable results and lending a positive return on investment?

For less than the cost of a full page ad in most magazines, a monthly SEO Internet marketing plan with Net Site Marketing can put your business in front of an unlimited number of leads who are actively looking for your products and services and are ready to buy! In addition, Internet marketing and SEO provide you with measurable results, allowing you to see exactly where your money is going and track your return on investment.

Bottom line, we aren’t going to ask you to spend additional money you don’t have. But if an evaluation of your current marketing plan leaves you looking for a more cost-effective method of putting your business in front of additional eyes and with measurable results, we’d be more than happy to help!

3.  “I am handling my SEO in-house.”

It may seem like a good idea to have someone in-house manage your Internet marketing and search engine optimization initiatives, rather than paying for outside assistance. But if the person you put in charge of your SEO is not an expert in the field, you risk doing more damage to your online reputation than good. Don’t risk getting your site banned by search engines! Hire us – we are THE ethical experts!

Ask yourself these questions. Is the person handling your SEO an accredited practitioner? Are they certified by Google, Yahoo and Microsoft? Do they have years of experience and a solid reputation for improving search engine rankings for other companies? If so, fantastic! If not, they may know just enough to be dangerous.

SEO is a full time job and requires a complex understanding of continually changing search engine algorithms. Very little ground will be gained if your in-house marketing team is tightly stretched between trying to optimize your website, build inbound links, perform keyword research, run pay-per-click campaigns, generate content for press releases and other assigned tasks.

If you or your staff are feeling stretched thin, you may wish to consider outsourcing your SEO initiatives to a search marketing agency that is dedicated to the job full-time, thus freeing up your internal resources for other projects.

4.  “My web developer is taking care of this for me.”

Bottom line, web developers are fantastic at what they do… developing websites. While they can build an artful website that meets your every requirement and has all the bells and whistles, most web developers are not attuned to the impact that fantastic web design will have on your search engine rankings. For example, did you know that Flash websites (those cool, animated, interactive websites) aren’t crawlable by search engines? The web designer that recommended you build your website in Flash may not know this, but an SEO expert will. An SEO expert will also know the importance of optimizing the places within your website that impact where your website appears in Google search results. Web designers not attuned to SEO will often input generic or repetitive information into these valuable fields, or even worse, nothing at all.

Most SEOs are not business-to-business people and they do not understand the business-to-business market or marketing needs. In many ways it is vastly different than business-to-consumer marketing.  Our SEOs at Net Site Marketing are B2B marketing experts too.

5.  “I like my website the way it is.”

Unlike many other SEO companies that try to sell you a pricey website makeover on top of an SEO package, Net Site Marketing is happy to work with the website you already have. We will work with you to fine-tune your webpages and optimize content without completely changing the look and feel of your website. We recognize that many businesses are happy with their current web design and are looking to improve the visibility of what they already have, not start from scratch.

6.  “We don’t use our website to get leads or sales.”

Oh no … uh oh.  Really?  How sad. If you aren’t currently using your website to get leads for your business, you are underutilizing a valuable resource! Millions of busines-to-business companies use the Internet every day to research products, look for answers, find suppliers and contact vendors.  Why not make it easier to get found and let your website do the heavy lifting? A properly optimized website will lead to an increase in brand awareness, leads, bids, and sales for the products and services you provide.

7.  “I’m not sure I really have a need for SEO.”

The companies on page one of search engines didn’t get there by accident. Those websites were carefully optimized by an expert SEO, to be indexed and listed by search engines. The SEO helped the search engines understand what the websites are about, so that the websites are now found for specific keywords. The SEO helped the companies who own the websites, to establish a reputation among buyers within their target market.

By improving your ranking in Google for the products you provide, you will dramatically increase your visibility to potential buyers, and you will see more leads and sales.

  • About 4.7 billion people search Google every day.
  • 93% of online experiences begin with an Internet search.
  • Inbound leads cost 61% lower than outbound leads. (SEO is a top producer of inbound leads.)
  • SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads (such as direct mail or print advertising) have a 1.7% close rate.
  • SEO leads have an average close rate of 14.6%. Direct mail has a 1.7% close rate.
    ~ Source: Search Engine Journal

Don’t put this off any longer. Now you know it’s true – there’s no excuse for no SEO!  Contact us at Net Site Marketing now!

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