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Current Landscape for USA Exporters

by Net Site Marketing

Panama Canal
Panama Canal

Over the past year, the US dollar has continued to strengthen, and global online sales have increased both in popularity and commonality. With many consumers and businesses unable to gain access to needed goods that are not widely available in brick & mortar stores in the US or abroad, the need for global e-commerce has continued to rise.

US companies that are working to gain market share in the United States, are wise to also look towards foreign markets where opportunities for expansion are promising. Those that have yet to try global e-commerce, may well be missing out.

Another item in the news which is providing opportunities for US companies (especially those that export) is the introduction of the “New Panamax” (a.k.a. Neopanamax) ship classification. In late 2016, Panama Canal’s “Third Set of Locks Project” was implemented, thus doubling the Panama Canal’s capacity.

Civil engineers and naval architects availed themselves of the opportunity to design more advanced cargo ships. These Neopanamax ships are about 1.5 times the size of Panamax ships, and thus are able to carry 1.5 times more cargo. Ports along the US east coast and Gulf coast are expanding to allow for the increased cargo ship sizes.

The overall effect will cause shipping prices and availability to become much more reasonable. Having almost doubled the deadweight tonnage from 65,000 to over 120,000, each Neopanamax ship brings more opportunity for e-commerce ventures to succeed and grow on a global scale. The entire Eastern United States will likely see direct benefits, as a large percentage of their international trade goods travel through the Panama Canal.

One caveat regarding the Panama Canal:  It is actually China that controls the canal (not Panama) and has for years. China’s recent increased diplomatic ties with Panama further cements China’s control over the canal.

As US businesses feel increased pressure to consider exporting (or to consider increasing their export activities), this naturally leads to an increased importance on languages and global economics. There is an ever-growing wealth of talent that can help businesses build relationships in international market places.

The increase in knowledge and understanding of how exporting and international e-commerce work well together, means that e-commerce development, website translation, and marketing services such as global marketing, and international Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”), are becoming increasingly more desirable and more readily available at progressively higher standards. Websites are now translated more quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively, by native-speakers using project platforms to streamline their work.

Due to all of the above, we believe 2017 is looking a lot more positive for USA’s involvement in international trade, as compared to 2016. Here are some additional reasons why:

  • Britain exited the European Union*
  • USA’s economic growth in 2016 was surprisingly low
  • USA’s production growth rate is expected to increase by up to 4.8% in 2017 [1]

*By leaving the EU, Britain hopes to ensure higher rates of trade with the USA, and this will boost the international trade available to businesses in both countries.

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1. NAM Manufacturers’ Outlook Survey Q1 2017

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