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For Manufacturers: Google AdWords Launches Affiliate Location Extensions

This month Google AdWords announced via Google+ that they are rolling out affiliate location extensions in the U.S.A. Affiliate location extensions will allow manufacturers to encourage and curate offline marketing efforts by using Google searches in a new way!

Google Algorithm Updates Result in Extreme SERP Fluctuations

This month (January 2016) Google confirmed making two separate updates to its core algorithm (see Figure 1). These updates resulted in extreme fluctuations in website positions on search engine results pages (“SERPs”). The first algorithm update occurred on January 9, 2016. The second algorithm update occurred on January 16, 2016. Search engine positions are still […]

Google Shakes Up Rankings with New “Quality” Algorithm Update

Notice a big change in your website’s positions at It’s not just you. Google updated their algorithm without telling anyone. You may have noticed more than a few changes in your website’s positions on Google search engine results pages lately. That’s because Google made a secret update to their algorithm this month (May 2015). According to a […]

How Google’s Penguin 4.0 Update Could Affect Global Marketing

Google regularly updates its algorithms to keep itself on the forefront of delivering top-quality search results to its users. One of the more important algorithm updates is called “Penguin,” which was first launched in 2012. In Q4 of 2016, Google launched the biggest makeover ever of Penguin and rolled it out for all languages:  Penguin […]

Google’s Right-Side AdWords Ads: Gone For Good!

Changes to Google AdWords Stir Mixed Emotions Potential Impact on Pay Per Click Advertising  This month Google eliminated all AdWords text ads from appearing on the right-hand side of SERPs at on desktop computers. In addition, Google AdWords ads are now taking the top four positions when search results are displayed, pushing down organic […]