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ThomasNet + Your Website = Dynamic Duo of Industrial Sales

Why ThomasNet + Your Optimized Website
are the Dynamic Duo of Industrial Sales

Studies show that nearly half of all industrial buyers visit two or three websites before making a purchase decision. This makes your website marketing: GOLD! However, if you do not market your industrial website on the web, the odds of these buyers randomly stumbling upon your particular website are slim-to-none.

Simply having a website does not guarantee it will ever be found, or even seen by your target market. But with the right online presence and a strategic optimization plan, you can get noticed by buyers, grow leads and increase sales. So how do you do it?

1.    Ask Net Site Marketing for a Website Optimization Campaign!  Includes Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media Marketing Lite. We can help your website get found by your target market.

2.    Get listed in the preferred resource for industrial buyers and engineers: ThomasNet. ThomasNet is the premier directory for manufacturing and industrial suppliers. Each month millions of business and industrial buyers utilize ThomasNet to discover distributors, source products and find suppliers. For those who prefer to see hard figures, ThomasNet offers a free customized report that shows exactly how many decision makers from Fortune 500 companies are actively searching for the types of products or raw materials that you provide. offers both free and paid directory listings. While it is beneficial to be listed, free listings appear below paid listings and have a lower chance of resulting in sales or conversions. Like Google, those companies who show up in the top search results on ThomasNet for a particular product category will receive the most exposure from their listings.

3. Optimize your listing for the greatest ROI.  To get in one of the top spots on ThomasNet can be pricey, especially if you are in a highly competitive industry. The more popular a keyword or category, the higher the cost to rank well. For each category, consider whether the cost of achieving a top position in ThomasNet is worth the money. At Net Site Marketing™ we can take this weight off of your shoulders!

We specialize in providing a unique optimization service that helps businesses ensure they are getting the greatest return on their investment (ROI) through their ThomasNet listings.

Whether you are signing up for ThomasNet for the first time or have an established account, Net Site Marketing can help you determine which keywords and categories to pursue and how much funding to allocate to each.

We are not a ThomasNet rep. so we offer a completely unbiased analysis of:

  • How and where your ThomasNet points are distributed;
  • Which positions you currently have at ThomasNet;
  • How many leads and visits are coming from ThomasNet; and
  • Are ThomasNet leads turning into customers?

This unique in-depth ThomasNet analysis also includes:

  • Keyword research to identify which products or materials receive the most searches.
  • Evaluation of your categories and the cost-effectiveness of ranking for those keywords
  • A strategy for the distribution of ThomasNet points towards particular categories.
  • Evaluation of the ROI of point distributions at the time of optimization.
  • Developing an optimized company description for your ThomasNet listing.

If we find any issues – we will solve them! We will optimize your ThomasNet account and get it producing leads like never before!

We also offer continued monitoring of your ThomasNet account, if so desired.

Our clients typically enjoy a 20% to 50% increase in their most important ThomasNet leads, for the same budget!

Pricing:  Just 15% of your ThomasNet Spend.  Thus, if you spend $1,000/year at ThomasNet, our fee would be only $150.

We are the first company to offer a stand-alone independent ThomasNet Optimization package.

Get an independent assessment of your ThomasNet channel!

Not sure your listings need to be optimized? For a one-time fee of just $50, an Internet Marketing Expert at Net Site Marketing™ will perform an introductory analysis of the top three keywords or paid categories in your ThomasNet account and provide you with professional insight on how you can improve your listings and visibility to buyers.

To purchase (or learn more about) the In-Depth ThomasNet Analysis, call Net Site Marketing at 828-684-4445

To purchase (or learn more about) the $50 Introductory ThomasNet Analysis, visit now!:

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