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Business-to-Business YouTube Marketing Secrets

The rise in streaming online video has revolutionized media consumption, with YouTube at the heart of the revolution. YouTube is a hot spot – not just for youth audiences and tech enthusiasts – but for the business community as well. If your company is in the business-to-business world, but not taking advantage of YouTube to build your company and expand into additional markets, now is the time to take action. Read on!

YouTube logo on paperAccording to YouTube’s press center statistics, YouTube currently has more than a billion users — almost one-third of all people on the Internet. Hundreds of millions of hours of content are viewed on YouTube, generating billions in online traffic hits. Approximately 1.5 million of those searches are driven by businesses on a daily basis – making YouTube the most visited destination for business-related searches, just after

Here are a few tips for jump-starting your company’s YouTube presence:

1. Utilize the “Featured Video” Function: This area allows you to showcase a specific video that will automatically play when an individual visits your channel homepage. This helps boost engagement and helps highlight specific information about your company.

2. Link Your Videos to Your Website: There are numerous ways to link back to your website from posted videos. Use annotations, description links, and embed options. By allowing your content video to be embedded, individuals are allowed to link your video from various sharing websites, such as social media platforms and blogs.

3. Create YouTube Channel Ads: Utilize the channel ad that will be featured on your front screen, and select one video eligible for free promotion. Run an ad campaign for the videos through AdWords For Video. Create an ad that appears before your videos start, or even alongside a video on its watch page. Create the ad, set a budget, and use the promotional tools to reach your target market.

4. Reach Your Target Audience: Place ads on the YouTube homepage, content search pages, and video search pages. This way you can rest assured that your ads will only be placed next to premium paid content. You can also learn what your audience is watching and searching for on YouTube and be able to target them with exactness using YouTube Insights for Audience.

5. Be Discoverable: Be certain that your video is categorized correctly at YouTube. Using notable partners in your video description and tags categorization, will also increase your find-ability. Use Promoted Videos to highlight your video against relevant business searches on YouTube. These function the same way that Google-sponsored links (Google Adwords Ads) do, along with similar best practices, such as using keywords and search categories that are relevant for your target audience.

If your company has yet to capitalize on the vast benefits of a thriving YouTube channel, Net Site Marketing can help advise, tailor, and create viral content to grow your website and your company’s market share. For more information, Contact Us now, or call:

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