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Is your ThomasNet® account worth your investment?  Could you be getting more leads for the same ThomasNet investment?

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Are your ThomasNet points distributed optimally?


a) Perhaps you have too many points in some categories!

b) Perhaps you don’t have enough points in other categories!

c) Perhaps some of the categories relevant to your company got missed!

ThomasNet’s not cheap

You want every dollar invested to bring positive returns.


  1. What if your competitors have over-taken your positions at ThomasNet?
  2. What if you’re paying more than needed for a certain position – thus wasting money?
  3. What if you are paying an outrageous $30 to $100 per visitor?

Find Out For Sure!

We are not a ThomasNet Rep

So we offer a completely unbiased analysis of:

  1. How and where your ThomasNet points are distributed;
  2. Which positions you currently have at ThomasNet;
  3. How many leads and visits are coming from ThomasNet; and
  4. Are ThomasNet leads turning into customers?

If we find any issues – we will solve them! We will optimize your ThomasNet account and get it producing leads like never before!

Our clients typically enjoy a 20% to 50% increase in their most important ThomasNet leads, for the same budget!

Pricing:  Just 15% of your ThomasNet Spend.  Thus, if you spend $1,000/year at ThomasNet, our fee would be only $150.

We are the first company to offer a stand-alone independent ThomasNet Optimization package.

Get an independent assessment of your ThomasNet channel!  For more information, contact us now!