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NFC Marketing for Wine & Spirits

Cliquez ici pour la traduction française Those in the wine and spirits industries are excited about the newest marketing trend: NFC Marketing! NFC (Near Field Communication) is sweeping across the globe, and for good reason! It’s super-easy for people to simply tap their smartphones on an NFC tag to get the info they want.

NFC Marketing is Amazing for Wineries!

  • It can authenticate their wines to buyers;
  • It can easily market their brands;
  • It can display the winery’s webpage & social media profiles;
  • It makes it easy for shoppers to reorder wines!

How Does NFC Marketing Benefit Wineries?

NFC tags can be embedded into wine labels, coasters, posters, business cards, brochures, etc. This has a huge significance for brands of wine, and spirits as well. Why?

More Benefits of NFC Marketing for Wineries:

  • Drive your winery’s social media engagement before, during & after the sale
  • Prove that your wine is genuine/protect against wine fraud
  • Instantly display your wines’ reviews / ratings / awards
  • Provide effortless reordering of bottles or cases
  • Share the origin story of the wines, food pairing ideas, branded videos, etc.
  • Offer coupons / discounts / downloadables

Here’s One Real-World Example:

A winery-owner wishes to grow his sales and profits. He agrees to try NFC Marketing. Net Site Marketing handles everything:

  • We arrange to have the NFC wine labels (or stickers or coasters) manufactured; and
  • We create the webpage where the marketing campaign begins.

This webpage is the launchpad – showcasing the wine, its descriptions, history, reviews, awards. It can offer a promotion, or something downloadable (to follow-up with the customer). If increased social media engagement is desired, Net Site Marketing can take care of that as well!

How Does NFC Work for Me?

Simply bring your smartphone near an NFC tag and voila’! Your phone instantly opens a webpage, social media, or a video!

Which Devices are NFC-Friendly?

Most Android and Windows devices are NFC-friendly, as well as 2018 iPhones and newer (XS and up). Many Android and Windows tablets are NFC-enabled as well.

What Can an NFC Tag Do?

  • Deliver information
  • Cause small dynamic actions to take place

These activities occur when an NFC-friendly device is brought very close to an NFC tag. (Within 2 inches [0.05 metre]).

How Does NFC Work?

Active NFC technology has been famous for payment acceptance since 2011, but we’re not talking payments here. We’re taking “passive NFC” – one way communication – from the NFC tag to the device. NFC uses radio waves. When an NFC device taps an NFC tag, the device receives information, such as a webpage address. There’s no battery in the NFC tag, and it virtually lasts forever. Accelerate conversions to first and repeat purchases! Our NFC Marketing will bring an exciting new dynamic to your marketing strategy! Don’t hesitate – discover more today:Contact Net Site Marketing for more information today: