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Link Marketing Campaign

Why are links important?

When search engines evaluate your website, among other things they analyze the following details regarding links:

  • The number of websites which link to your site.
  • The popularity of the websites which link to your site.
  • How closely those websites’ themes match your website’s theme.

Of course, the higher the better for all three of these qualifiers.

Why do we perform strategic link analysis?

Our analysis determines the parameters for an optimal Link Marketing Campaign, and helps us put together the top-class link building strategies that will result in a highly successful Link Marketing Campaign. We will do the necessary research, correspondence, article writing, content writing, press release writing, and more, along with all of the distribution, submission and social media marketing endeavors, in order to get your site linked-to from many other valuable websites in the same industry as yours. This will increase your traffic in two ways:

  1. You’ll achieve higher rankings in the search engines.
  2. You’ll receive visitors from the other websites which link to yours.

Why is a Link Marketing Campaign so important?

Because search engines are putting an increasingly higher value on inbound links. (Inbound links are links on other sites which link to your site.) Search engines give higher rankings to websites that have greater numbers of quality/relevant inbound links. This is why it is so important to increase link popularity.

To say that the more sites that link to yours, the better, is not necessarily true. A number of considerations must be met; among them, the theme of the site with the inbound link, the webpage’s popularity, and the webpage’s authority, are a few. For example, if you would like to include local link marketing in your marketing portfolio because you want to gain local clientèle, we can make those arrangements for you. We can also place the focus more on national and/or global markets.

We develop custom link building strategies for each and every individual client website, in order to increase link popularity and ultimately meet and exceed the company’s marketing goals. A Link Marketing Campaign is an important step in our overall approach to bring you success in the search engine venues!

Here are examples of links used for marketing purposes: Culligan Water Softener Industrial Process Water Industrial Bottled Water

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