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Link Analysis and Bibliometrics

Today’s third generation search engines like Google, rely on factors beyond the text and tags of a website. They analyze the quantity and quality of inbound links, and the link structure of a website. This is why we analyze everything about your website that has to do with links – the inbound links, the internal links, and the outbound links.


Link Analysis means the identification of inbound links to a client’s website, taking into account the industry, popularity, and authority of each website that the inbound link resides on. Inbound links are hyperlinks on a website that link to a client’s website.

Strategic Link Analysis and Planning determines the parameters for an optimal Link Campaign by studying the link structure of top ranked competitors.

Internal Link Analysis means analyzing the link structure of a client’s website, including its internal links and its outbound links, fixing broken links, and building the necessary keyword links.


The process of Link Analysis begins with an accurate measurement of client’s website’s existing link popularity and quality and compares it to highly ranked websites for the same targeted keywords.

The process of Strategic Link Analysis and Planning begins with an accurate measurement of the link popularity of the top ranking websites that are competing against client’s website. With the completion of this process, a Link Campaign can begin. Our focus is on building the proper inbound link popularity and quality for a client’s website.

The process of Internal Link Analysis begins with analyzing the link architecture of client’s website, and includes developing a plan to 1) turn non-keyword links into keyword links; and 2) add keyword links by adding content webpages.

The results of the Link Analysis, the Strategic Link Analysis/Planning process, and the Internal Link Analysis will be an optimal link structure.

An optimal link structure will dramatically enhance search engine rankings.


Bibliometrics is the study and analysis of text, information and content of a website. There are two Kings in the world of search engines: 1) Links; and 2) Content. The process of bibliometrics analysis begins with studying the content of the client’s website, based upon the Final Keyword List. The Final Keyword List is the cornerstone of a Search Engine Marketing Campaign.

The content needs to support the theme that the Final Keyword List represents. The more webpages that contain content that supports the theme, the better. Each webpage contains a certain number of words and a certain number of keywords that are arranged in a particular order. Search engines use bibliometrics to analyze the content of your website. This webpage that you’re reading has been optimized based upon bibliometrics. It’s our job to not only analyze the content of your website, but add to it and improve upon it.