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Industrial Marketing

What is Industrial Marketing?

The word “industrial” means machinery run by power to produce goods and services. But “industrial marketing” is not confined to marketing machinery, but rather, it includes “B2B marketing” or “business to business marketing”.

In today’s economy, Industrial Marketing is crucial to a manufacturer/supplier and it MUST include Industrial Internet Marketing if it is to reach its greatest potential target market.

Be Found by Your Prospects at Every Stage

Purchasing industrial products and services can be a lengthy, complicated process frequently involving a variety of decision makers. This is known as the “buy cycle” — the steps that industrial buyers and other B2B sector buyers take when choosing products and services. The industrial buy cycle is a well-documented and recognized process. When developing marketing strategies, the buy cycle is something that industrial marketers need to focus on.

The Four-Stage Industrial Buy Cycle:

  1. Needs Awareness
  2. Research
  3. Consideration & Comparison
  4. Procurement

In every stage, buyers employ different behaviors and use a wide variety of information sources to locate suppliers and support their buying decisions. While the stages of the process haven’t changed over the years, the way buyers navigate through the buy cycle and where they go to get information has changed dramatically.

Implications for Industrial Marketers

Online information sources are the most important vehicles used in today’s industrial markets.

Buyers have significantly diminished their dependence upon traditional sources such as printed catalogs, trade shows, and trade magazines, in favor of online resources. The top three most frequently used sources for searching for industrial products and services, are:

  • Search Engines
  • Supplier Websites
  • Online Catalogs.

Even using colleagues as a source of information and recommendations, has an online component, due to the ever increasing popularity of social media tools.

Industrial Internet Marketing

Today, online methods dominate the four stages — from performing research online, to contacting suppliers and requesting quotes online, to comparing suppliers and their offerings online, to submitting purchase orders, also done online. This requires us as Industrial Internet Marketers to use highly sophisticated internet industrial marketing strategies on behalf of our clients.

Suppliers are exposed to buyers numerous times. Right from the start of the buy cycle to the end, the supplier whom is eventually selected is exposed to the buyer many times. The manufacturer might have first become visible on search engines’ results page, or a banner ad on an industrial site, or any number of other ways. It may not always be possible to know 100% of the time, which exact exposure initiated the process that culminated in a sale.

Industrial Marketing Services

Net Site Marketing has the tools to identify which specific exposure initiated the process, the highest possible percentage of the time.

For example, a buyer may type your company name into the Google search box, but it could be a misstep to presume this exact exposure through Google initiated the buy cycle or caused the sale. How does the buyer even know your company name in the first place? Unless your company name is a very popular brand, it’s likely that a series of industrial marketing placements provided broad exposure, and good content material satisfied your buyer’s early research needs, leading them to remember your company and take the subsequent buy cycle actions that eventually lead to your company receiving the purchase order.

Net Site Marketing can perform the industrial SEO services, the industrial search engine marketing services, and the industrial pay per click services that your company needs to get ahead of the competition and be a leader in your online industrial world!

Does Your Industrial Marketing Include the Right Mix of Online Marketing Elements?

Are You Being Found in the Beginning Stages of the Buy Cycle…

…and making a prospect’s short list?

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