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SEO for Manufacturers

Industrial Marketing for Manufacturers

Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing for Industrial Manufacturing and Distribution Companies

News Flash!!!

There has been a major shift in the way that engineers and manufacturers search for, and find, the resources that they need. No longer do they restrict their searching to websites like ThomasNet or GlobalSpec. More and more, they are also turning to the major search engines like Google, to find the industrial products and supplies that they need.

Many manufacturing firms haven’t yet realized that this major shift in their industries has taken place, even though it started happening many years ago. Not to worry!

We are here to help! We are an SEO company that is dedicated to helping manufacturing companies by marketing their websites.

This trend is huge! Catch a ride on it now! Have us perform the SEO services – the Search Engine Marketing services – that will greatly benefit your website and your business.

If your website has never been optimized before, we can probably double your online traffic/leads/sales!

If your website ranks low for your products/services, you  are  Missing  Out  on  Profits!

Can you find out what sales you’re missing?

YES!!! And we can help you do just that!

Currently your marketing efforts may consist of manufacturer’s rep(s) or an inside sales staff making cold calls. You participate in trade shows, you may even advertise in a few trade publications.

But what about the leads you could gain if people who searched the internet for your particular product or service found you? The numbers would probably astound you.

Are You a Supplier?

When a buyer wants to source parts, will they find you?

In how many places can they find you?  And if they search using Google or Bing, are you on page one??

Whether what you produce is custom, or standard industrial components, you want to be found for your specific offerings.

“Just as industrial professionals are moving more and more to online resources for information and conducting day-to-day business, it’s time for their suppliers to follow suit and go where the action is.” ~ GlobalSpec

When Industrial Buyers or Design Engineers are looking to invite bids or distribute RFQ’s, you want to be at the top of their lists.  Help your website be found high-up in the supply chain.  Contact Net Site Marketing today!