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SEO Analysis Report

Allow us to provide you with a full and complete analysis of your website from the search engines’ standpoint. We will give you valuable data about the keywords you’re targeting, where your website currently stands in the search engines, what may be blocking your website’s rise in the search results, and a full analysis of your website itself. We’ll give you a “road map” per se, so that your webmaster can have SEO advice from an SEO expert!

Your SEO Analysis Report Will Include the Following:

  1. Keyword research/keyword strategy.
  2. A full report on your website’s current search engine positions and other important data.
  3. Website Navigation Review.
  4. Website Structure Review.
  5. Website Content Review.
  6. Troubleshooting Tips so you can make sure there are no roadblocks to your website getting indexed and well-positioned.
  7. Information on ways to avoid search engine penalties in the future.
  8. Recommendations on how to optimize your website for better search engine placement.
  9. Recommendations on website submission to search engines and directories.
  10. Pay Per Click Recommendations.
  11. Conclusion/Summary of SEO Analysis (recommended first steps).

Our Search Engine Optimization Specialists know that no two websites or companies are the same. We want to make sure that we understand what you need and expect.

To ensure that the report is accurate, detailed information will be gathered from you. This information will include:

  • Your company’s primary goals
  • Your current targeted keywords
  • List of all domain names being used for your website

Request an SEO Analysis Report today! Let us show you how we can vastly improve your targeted traffic, leads, and sales!