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Opt-In List Building

What is an opt-in list? It’s a list of people who have specifically asked to receive future communications from a specific website or organization. Thus, they have provided their e-mail addresses voluntarily. They usually do so by joining a mailing list, or subscribing to an online newsletter or e-zine.

Opt-in list building is one of the most important steps you can take in growing your business.

Why? Because the highest success rates for any marketing campaign are always garnered from your own opt-in e-mail list! You’ll achieve higher per-capita conversion rates (sales percentages) from your own opt-in list than from any other form of advertising, bar none!

How To?

On your website, you need to provide a way for people to join your list. Putting the sign-up box on your webpage is the easy part. It’s the programming behind the box that’s a bit more complex. There are basically two ways to setup the programming for e-mail address collection: (A) On-Site and (B) Off-Site.

(A) On-Site: All of the programming is within your website. This means that when your visitors go to join your mailing list, they remain on your website, and the information that you collect remains on your server (the computer where your website is hosted). Thus, you have complete control over your subscribers’ information and its security. This is the professional, elegant approach.

(B) Off-Site: Your visitors will be transported to the website of the list building company. After the visitors have filled out some forms, they will be shown a link which, if they click on it, will transport them back to your website. Your subscribers’ information is stored at the list building company’s website. Though most of these websites promise not to ‘borrow’ your subscriber information, and to keep the information safe and secure, we feel it just isn’t as safe as if it were collected by your site and stored on your server. This solution is free if you set it up yourself. Or we can set it up for you for a small fee.

Here are some of the best opt-in list building tips:

  1. Publish your own newsletter.
  2. Offer a free report which will interest your prospects.
  3. Hold a sweepstakes (the prospects have to register to win).
  4. Promise and deliver special discounts to subscribers..

It’s OK to combine helpful information with sales offers and updates on what your company sells. When you send e-mail to your subscribers, remind them how they got on the list, so they won’t think they’re “getting spammed” (receiving junk e-mail). Always remind people that they can remove themselves from your list any time they wish. Unsubscribe instructions are usually posted at the bottom of every e-mail sent to the list.

Major Benefit: It’s quick, easy and free to send an e-mail to everyone on your list! It’s great for building relationships, brand awareness, and repeat visits to your website!

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