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B2B SEO: SEO for Business to Business

SEO for B2B presents many unique challenges, and it varies in many ways from business-to-consumer SEO.

For example, the products and services that B2B companies offer, are often complex and difficult to understand, when compared to B2C products and services.

Net Site Marketing invests the extra time to truly understand our clients’ products and services. We are highly interested in learning the facts that are important to our clients’ customers and prospects.

Since a thoroughly and meticulously researched and analyzed keyword list is the foundation of every successful B2B SEO Campaign, we will invest all the time it takes to thoroughly understand your services/products, so that no stone is left unturned in our search for head, middle and long tail keywords.

More B2B SEO Challenges:

  • The buying cycle is often a very long one.
  • Visitors use different keywords depending on their location in the buying cycle.
  • B2B Visitors are often more sophisticated than B2C Visitors.
  • B2B Copywriting needs to speak with a different tone than B2C sites do.
  • The purchase decision is often made by more than one person at a company.
  • SEO success in the search engines is easy to track when it comes to visits and clicks, but leads and sales are what truly matter.

Since leads and sales are what truly matter, we provide advanced methods of tracking visitors, so that you can know for a fact, which marketing techniques are working, which ones are not, and exactly what your ROI is.

We can connect cost-to-revenue data for you as further proof of the successes that we gain as we provide you with business to business internet marketing.

Whether you’re looking to gain leads/clients, or looking to sell equipment, manufactured goods or software, we will conduct a highly-focused B2B SEO Campaign that will target and reach the very prospects that you seek!

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