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Our Search Engine Marketing Process:

Understanding Your Business

First, we’d like to get an overview about your company, its products/services, its goals/objectives, the market sector in which it functions, and its overall marketing plan. Then, we’ll establish clear marketing goals, and get started creating a custom online marketing plan for your business!

Scientifically Building a Keyword List

We will conduct in-depth keyword research/analysis, to discover and rank all of the possible keywords that are relevant to your website, products/services and target market. We will combine Internet research with qualitative market factors and phrase popularity. Based upon data analysis, we will develop a long list of relevant search terms that will reach your target market. This list will be organized according to actual searches done, in order of popularity and relevancy. Then we will systematically build up and fine-tune the keyword list, based upon scientific analysis of the following:

  • Actual key phrases people are using to find products/services like yours.
  • Key phrases your competitors are using to get found.
  • Related words and synonyms.

The resulting keyword list will help to bring you better, more qualified visitors. It will become the Cornerstone of your Search Engine Marketing Campaign.

Discovering Current Search Engine Positions

We will perform extensive research to ascertain which top search engines and directories your site is currently indexed in, and which positions your website is achieving. We will, of course, provide you with the outcome of our research in the form of reports and written analysis. Only when we run these baseline assessments and discover the facts about how well your website is performing (or not) in the search engine wars, can we do the best possible job in planning our search engine marketing strategies for your business.

Tracking Systems Analysis

For web analytics purposes – to allow campaign performance to be measured, tracked and reported. We will analyze the tracking system setup to be sure that the correct data is being gathered. (Includes Web Analytics Monthly Reports.)

Natural Website Optimization

Newer generation search engines employ unique, exclusive, complex mathematical algorithms to analyze websites. They are attempting to assess website themes by reading visible text, and invisible code as well (including link structures). The more focused a site theme, the higher the ranking will be. This is why finely-tuned keyword analysis is an essential starting point for any website optimization campaign. We will perform organic search engine marketing on your website. (This is also called “natural search engine optimization”.) It means that we’ll work within the hidden code of the website to fine-tune the themes of the website and the webpages.

We will analyze the link architecture and the website’s structure. We may add additional inner links to assist in the optimization. In some cases we may need to add keywords to the visible text of the website, in order to improve the keyword frequency, order, weight, density, prominence and balance. We will run your website through our SEO Troubleshoot process to discover and fix any issues that may be hindering the search engines from indexing your website or ranking it well.

Submit Website to Search Engines and Directories

In rare instances, it helps to submit a website to a search engine or a directory. We will make sure that the important search engines and directories have indexed your website – either through submitting your website to them via their submission forms, or arranging for your website to be crawled. We know which tactics work best for which search engines and directories, and we follow the smartest and quickest paths to the best possible indexations.

Once we have accomplished all of the above, we proceed to developing the following B2B and B2C digital marketing campaigns, which are included in the Search Engine Optimization Campaign:

Our Search Engine Optimization Campaign Includes:

Strategic Link Analysis

Our link research and analysis helps us to define the parameters for planning your Link Building Campaign so that it will have the greatest possible outcome. We will do what’s necessary to raise your link popularity and your search positions. This will increase your traffic in two ways:

  1. You’ll achieve higher positions in the search engines.
  2. You’ll receive visitors from the other websites which link to yours.

Search engines give higher rankings to websites that have greater numbers of quality, relevant inbound links. The popularity and authority of the websites providing the inbound links, plays a very important part.

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