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What Purposes Do Press Releases Serve?

Press releases are an effective strategy for building traffic to your website. By obtaining publicity about your business, products or services in news sources, you can bring in lots of fresh leads, as well as build confidence and trust in your business among current clientèle.

In addition, a press release can be used in multiple ways, making it a cost-efficient method. Editors’ and columnists’ remarks can be used to great effect in your sales materials. Copies of the press coverage you receive can be used, with permission from the news outlet, as a component of your media kits. You can also use radio and television interviews and segments the same way. Great citations and testimonies from these sources are priceless! A press release can give you the chance to be found and heard without being blatantly promotional, generating interest in your products and services with new clientèle. The most important benefit of using press releases are the one-way inbound links that your website achieves when the press releases are distributed online.

Well-Written Press Releases are Crucial

Net Site Marketing Writes Great Press Releases! Your press releases can count far more than you may realize, and we can help make them work the way you want. Our team includes highly experienced, skilled copy writers who can produce a carefully crafted message and promotion to your target audience. A well-written press release can be the difference between obscurity and standing out in the crowd.  Allow us to assist you with your press releases. We know you will see great results when you do.

Is my Business Newsworthy?

If your business benefits anyone, it is newsworthy. Any business, product or service can be thought of as interesting if shown in the right light. We can help you brainstorm about news release ideas – we can even come up with ideas ourselves for your company, products and services. Whether you are looking to increase sales, or simply gain some notice and credit, the press release can play a vital part in making it happen.

How Can a Press Release Benefit You?

  • Greater credibility.
  • Greater attention and response.
  • Increased traffic to your website.
  • Increased inbound links to your website.
  • Increased leads/sales.

Press Release Distribution

Net Site Marketing provides high-end press release distribution in order to get your press releases well-published across the web and towards your target market.  Not only can we write outstanding press releases for you, we will do an outstanding job of distributing them as well! Contact us today about writing and/or distributing a press release for your company! 

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