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Search Engine Marketing Case Studies

Services Performed:

  • New Website (new look/new backend), Incorporate Existing E-Commerce
  • Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Advertising


Niche: Manufacturer of Polyurethane Wheels and Custom Polyurethane Products


Since 1978, Sunray, Inc. has been manufacturing all types of polyurethane wheels and polyurethane products, both standard and custom. This industry leader in the U.S. and Canada had a goal to become the #1 provider of polyurethane wheels and polyurethane products in North America, and they came to us for help.


Sunray, Inc. requested a brand-new website and a Search Engine Marketing Campaign. They needed to be able to bring their existing e-commerce shopping cart into the new website – and manage the new website and the e-commerce themselves in-house. They needed the SEO re-done because they needed top-notch search engine positions for their products, in order to increase sales and gain market share.

Other Concerns Included:

  • Browser Incompatibility
  • Poor Validation
  • Poor Website Architecture
  • Poor Usability
  • Missing Sitemaps
  • Missing Custom 404 Page
  • Poor Optimization of Meta Data
  • Un-optimized Content and Links
  • Poor Link Popularity
  • Poor Google PageRank
  • Poor Search Engine Positions


We designed and built a gorgeous new look/new website, with improved navigation and usability. We re-did the backend using a content management system so that the client can easily make changes to the website. We optimized every webpage, adding content where needed, and even adding new content-based webpages to help support the most important keywords. We solved all of the above challenges. We performed our state-of-the-art Search Engine Marketing for the website, beginning with in-depth keyword research/analysis, and multiplied the number of quality/relevant inbound links, using a variety of methods which included press release writing/distribution, article writing/distribution, and social media marketing, among many others.

* Success! *

Great Positions Achieved!

We raised the number of #1 positions from 15 to 54 #1 positions for relevant keywords!  (All not including names like “Sunray” or “”)

Terrific Traffic Increases!

The following statistics show actual traffic increases for

Traffic Increased by 2,000 Visitors/Month:

Month 1: 6,750 visitors    Month 6: 8,816 visitors

Traffic from Search Engines Nearly Doubled:

Month 1: 2,885 visitors    Month 6: 4,426 visitors

Main Page Pageviews Increased by 1,000/Month:

Month 1: 1,428 pageviews    Month 6: 2,431 pageviews

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