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Why Professional Website Translation Services Are Crucial

There are 7.7 Billion people in the word. ~, 2020

340 million people in the world speak English as a first language. ~ Ethnologue, 2015

English is no longer the language of the web. ~, 2013

Only about 22% of the world’s population speaks English!

What about the other 78%?  Ah hah!

The importance of professional website translation:

Even if you don’t sell your products or services abroad, over 60 million people right here in the USA speak a language other than English. Spanish is the #1 non-English language spoken here. In fact, more people in America speak Spanish than in Spain itself!

If your company exports, it’s a no-brainer. You need your website to be translated into the languages of the countries that you serve.

Website translation is key to the success of a company that exports. What’s that you say? You don’t export yet? You may be missing out.

A company that exports, enjoys many benefits. Business growth, increased sales, innovations, beneficial relationships, and the “insurance” of being adept at doing business in a variety of markets worldwide.

This brings us to one of the first steps that companies take when they are planning to enter foreign markets: having their websites translated into the languages of their target foreign markets.

When you are looking to partner with a service company that provides professional website translation services, make sure that the company offers more than just accurate language translation. Unlike other translation companies, we utilize our decades of experience as digital marketing experts to ensure that every translated webpage exudes your company’s voice AND is localized to make your target market feel as comfortable as possible. TRUST is so important when you are reaching across borders to foreign markets!

The translation agency you choose should also make sure that your website content is properly optimized for the local search engines in your prospects’ locale. Your best bet would be a digital marketing agency with decades of experience dealing with search engines. (That’s us.)

Professional Translation

Whether you want your website translated into English, or from English to another language, make sure that the agency you choose, uses only native speakers from the country you are targeting. Human translation is the only way to go! We reply upon native speakers for all of our international translation services. Machines or software programs cannot be relied upon when you want professionally translated webpages.

Before even starting on a website translation project, it’s important to confirm that the agency you hire will take the time to perform keyword research, prospect research, and industry research to ensure that they have the greatest possible understanding of your target market. Be sure to have skilled SEO experts work directly with native language speakers to ensure that important keywords and key phrases are included in every webpage that is translated.

Yes, we can make your webpages speak the language of business professionals and decision-makers in foreign countries. Yes, our SEO experts will ensure that your translated webpages have the correct keywords for the popular search engines in your targeted foreign markets.

Net Site Marketing offers professional website translation services in over 100 different languages! You are invited to learn more about our professional website translation services here: Professional Website Translation Services

Localization Services

Localization services are also included as part of every website translation. Any translation agency will be able to convert currencies, time and date formats, and contact information into the appropriate standard formats for a particular language. But an excellent translation agency will also be aware of cultural idioms and idiosyncrasies typically only known to natives. With much-needed localization services, your website will read naturally to native speakers. It will appear as if it was originally written in their native tongue!

Website Globalization Services

If you would like you take your professional website translation service to the next level, Net Site Marketing also offers globalization services to help ensure that your perfectly translated website ranks highly in native search engines! After all, why do the work of translating your website, if your website isn’t going to be found?!

Additional information on our suite of globalization services is available here: Website Globalization.


Ensure that your website translations are performed by human translators. If your website is translated purely by a robot or by a machine, you can expect the translation to look amateurish at best, and unintentionally funny – or even offensive (1) – at worst. Human translations will provide the best website translations possible!

Avoid translation agencies who only do website translation ad-hoc and don’t spend the time to translate from a localization and marketing perspective.

At Net Site Marketing, we can help make sure that your new multilingual website(s) and/or your country-specific micro site(s), are discovered and well-liked by your target market. Better yet, we can arrange for your ownership of foreign domain names ( for Germany, for example). We can host your foreign-targeted website in each country that you pursue – a best-practice for ranking well in the popular search engines of other cultures. Yes, we even offer overseas hosting, global social media marketing and pay-per-click campaigns in foreign languages!

As you can see, there is a lot more to *website translation* than just straight-up translating words on webpages!

  • Are you ready to turn your gaze towards other economies and other countries?
  • Are you ready to engage a more diverse audience with a multilingual website?
  • Are you ready to serve local clients in the cities and countries that you export to?

Take action now!

To inquire about having Net Site Marketing perform a professional translation of your website into virtually any language, email [email protected] or call:

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Take the time now to make your company globally competitive, so that during those times when our American economy struggles, your business will continue to not only survive, but thrive!

We are ready to help you widen your horizons and GO GLOBAL!

*Please note that we do not translate legal or medical documents.

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