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For Manufacturers: Google AdWords Launches Affiliate Location Extensions

This month Google AdWords announced via Google+ that they are rolling out affiliate location extensions in the U.S.A.

Affiliate location extensions will allow manufacturers to encourage and curate offline marketing efforts by using Google searches in a new way!


On the launch of this new extension, Google says “If you sell your products through retail chains, affiliate location extensions can help you reach consumers when they are deciding what and where to buy. Affiliate location extensions help people find nearby stores that sell your products.”

As “near me” and “nearby” searches have continued to rise for mobile users, this new extension offers a built-in option of where-to-buy for manufacturers that may or may not directly sell to consumers via their own websites and/or retail locations.

One can easily set up customized affiliate location extensions within AdWords – just choose the new “Affiliate location extensions” option in the Ad Extensions tab, select the retail chains where your products are sold, and Google will handle the rest. Linking to a Google My Business account is not needed for this new feature. Advertisers may even be eligible for store visits data insights, to help measure the impact of each campaign’s offline store activity.

Like regular location extensions, the affiliate location extensions will show the nearest locations where the product is carried as an address, or on a map if there are multiple retailers nearby.

By promoting retail locations in their search ads, manufacturers can make these online promotion efforts more actionable and give consumers relevant local information and incentive to drive to the stores and physically purchase the products right off of store shelves.

Manufacturers and advertisers can expect to see the affiliate location extensions in their accounts over the next couple of weeks, if not already. There is also a good chance that these new extensions will soon roll out internationally.

Net Site Marketing would be happy to help you add your customized affiliate location extensions within your AdWords account (or we could simply do it for you).

If you don’t have a Google AdWords account yet, and would like to have one, we would be glad to create a brand-new Google AdWords account for you! And since we are a Google Certified Partner, we can make arrangements with Google to give you $100 in free clicks!

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